Play is fundamental to all children’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. Many children do not have gardens or outside space, so their local playground represents one of their few opportunities to enjoy outdoor play and activity. 

Families in our community have identified a distinct lack of inclusive play spaces in local places where we live. We are collectively making a difference to attempt to make a change with our project, from the boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham to Harrow and all across London. We also aim to identify other projects taking place and explore the importance of inclusive design when designing normal playgrounds in local free places. The lack of FREE places in the local community parks is isolating families with disabled children and depriving them of a fundamental need to play like every child should have. There is an abundance of free play places if a child does not have a disability which means, the more disabled a child is the fewer play opportunities they have for free play. We want to help change this and TURN INCLUSION ON ITS HEAD!

Find out how our journey started with the “We Want To Play Too!” Campaign started in Hammersmith and Fulham, the launch and development of our Harrow Project. We also explore the elements an inclusively designed playground. We believe this needs to go hand in hand with extensive consultation with the community.

If you know of any inclusive playgrounds in your local you believe should be included here, please let us know.

Contact us at: info@specialneedscommunity.org.uk